I am an expert user. Why should I use WEkEO ?

WEkEO cares about its users.

For expert users, it has developed a free training offer comprising twelve webinars (four of which are dedicated to expert users) and four training sessions freely available to users on WEkEO's YouTube channel.

The programme provides high-quality training for those who need to incorporate environmental or spatial data into their business, research, or projects and run their own algorithms using WEkEO cloud processing capabilities.

The webinars aim to demonstrate how the WEkEO working environment can help users process data and derive results. WEkEO's offer aims to satisfy all types of users. It comprises two plans :

  • The Essential plan, free and open, provides access to all Copernicus data, Jupyter Notebooks and access to WEkEO user support.

  • The Advanced plans, under a variety of pricing schemes and offers, include, on top of the features of the Essential plan, cloud-based virtual computing environments and tools and free networking (in and out). Plans can be tailored to user needs and include a lengthy trial period.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the WEkEO User Support.