This a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our users. These FAQs also contain useful information for potential users of WEkEO.

Basic functionalities

Where to find help and get support ?

This FAQ is the first entry point when you encounter an issue using WEkEO.

If you could not find the information you need, please contact the User Support at

Our wide network of experts will be able to assist you on a vast range of topics such as a connection issue to your working environment, a request for a plan upgrade, a scientific or technical issue related to your remote sensing application.

Which Copernicus datasets are currently available in the WEkEO catalogue?

WEkEO provides access to data from multiple Sentinel satellites (Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3, Sentinel-5P), as well as Copernicus services: CMEMS (marine), CAMS (atmosphere), C3S (climate change) and CLMS (land). The WEkEO catalogue can be browsed through the web portal.

Data can be downloaded manually from the web portal or programmatically through the Harmonised Data Access (HDA) API. This API allows you to use WEkEO datasets from any of the following services:

  • Jupyter Notebooks. A guide on how to access the API using Jupyter Notebooks can be found under the public folder of the Jupyter Notebook environment
  • Virtual Machines. A guide on how to use virtual machines can be found at in WEkEO knowledge base

Which cloud-based processing resources and tools are available on WEkEO?

Processing resources and tools are available in the Advanced Plan. Visit the Services section for more information.

Which operating systems are available for the WEkEO virtual machines (VMs)?

The operating systems currently available are: CentOS (Linux) and Ubuntu (Linux). Windows mini and full are also supported, provided you bring your own licence. You can contact WEkEO Support for further information regarding the OS (e.g. version of the OS available).


I am trying to download data from the web portal and I obtain the following message: “The dataset cannot be queried”.

Make sure that your are logged in. Further, you might not be able to download data due to a server problem (either at WEkEO or at the data provider). We recommend you try again later. Finally, if the issue persists, please contact WEkEO Support.

I receive a timeout when I try to use the Harmonised Data Access API.

This can happen sometimes. If you find it frequently in the datasets that you are using, we suggest that you implement a retry mechanism in your code.

Is it possible to open a port in a virtual machine (VM) on WEkEO?

By default, open ports are 22, 80 and 443. In case you need to open an additional port, please contact WEkEO Support.

What is the cost of downloading data from WEkEO?

The Copernicus data can be downloaded for free from WEkEO.