HDA Python library

As an alternative to using the HDA API directly (see this guide) or the sample Jupyter notebooks, you can use the Python client library hda, that abstracts away the details of the API.

Here is an example of its usage:

from hda import Client

c = Client(debug=True)

query = {
    "datasetId": "EO:CODA:DAT:SENTINEL-3:OL_1_EFR___",
    "dateRangeSelectValues": [{
        "end": "2019-07-03T14:03:00.000Z",
        "name": "dtrange",
        "start": "2019-07-03T13:59:00.000Z"
    "stringChoiceValues": []
matches =

For more details on how to install and use the library, please refer to its documentation.