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Copernicus and Sentinel data at your fingertips

Near-real time data from models, satellites and in-situ

From Copernicus Atmosphere, Climate, Marine and Land services.

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Explore Copernicus and Sentinel data: Atmosphere, Climate, Land, Ocean and cross-discipline Machine Learning.

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WEkEO is the EU Copernicus DIAS reference service for environmental data, virtual processing environments and skilled user support. A platform for all audiences.

A new feature enables WEkEO users to visualise remotely stored data cubes directly on the WEkEO Jupyter Hub, further expanding the value proposition of WEkEO. The xcube Viewer app, fully integrated into WEkEO’s Jupyter Hub environment, allows to visualize and explore climate and environmental Earth Observation data, as well as generating meaningful insights through time series and spatial analysis.

June 26, 2024

WEkEO is delighted to announce the launch of the Copernicus WEkEO Innovation Lab. This initiative aims to foster innovation and research by providing free cloud computing resources to users who undertake projects using Copernicus data. The Lab seeks to engage researchers and various users who devise innovative uses of Copernicus data for societal, environmental, and economic benefits. WEkEO encourages the submission of original and interdisciplinary projects that hold great potential for the benefit of society at large.

May 3, 2024

WEkEO DIAS, the Copernicus data access platform is committed to granting its users the best experience in accessing environmental data from the Copernicus Sentinel satellites and services. In addition to providing harmonised access to the original data sources, WEkEO features a Jupyter Catalogue, a gallery with freely accessible and user-friendly training materials – Jupyter Notebooks. The catalogue is regularly updated, and future Notebooks will guide users through new data and share more examples of different applications.

December 8, 2023

WEkEO continues to expand its value offer as new tools are made available on its platform. Users will now be able to take advantage of WEkEO Plugins for CliMetLab and the xcube Python package. Combined, these tools enable facilitated access to Copernicus data and provide new ways to visualise and interact with multiple datasets at once.

November 28, 2023
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