How to use HDA ?

HDA can be used in many ways:

Using the WEkEO Data viewer

The WEkEO Data viewer allows to create REST based descriptors. The manually selected parameters are added to the description script: Region of interest, timeline …

Using HDA via Jupyter with Python Scripts :

The Jupyter environment contains a script that lists all the python functions to access data from WEkEO with the HDA API.

The script is called and is available in the folder /public/wekeo_hda

The corresponding notebook file is called hda_api_functions.ipynb and is available in the same folder.

The functions are well commented step by step.

The Notebook file wekeo_harmonized_data_access.ipynb also available in the same folder suggests standard steps and parameters to use these functions.

Using HDA via CURL commands

curl is a command-line tool for transferring data and supports about 22 protocols including HTTP.

Please follow the WEkEO Reference article that shows how to download data using HDA via the CURL command