How does WEkEO fit into Copernicus activities ?

WEkEO is one of five Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS') co-funded by the European Commission.

It provides a single, direct and easy access to Copernicus open data and services and dedicated computing tools for these big data. This unique coexistence of cloud-based data and computing resources supports scientists, institutions and a wide range of companies or startups using Copernicus data in order to stimulate innovation and the creation of new business models.

WEkEO has a federated approach between the four implementation partners, the industry consortium managing the infrastructure providers that continuously feed and update the original Copernicus data portfolio.

Leveraging this singularity, WEkEO provides direct, up-to-date and non-replicated access to the Copernicus portfolio (including the Copernicus Atmosphere, Marine, Climate and Land Monitoring services) and satellite data from the Copernicus Sentinel missions.