Inviting a user to your tenant

To add users to a tenant that belongs to user A , the user B needs to have a WEkEO account.

User A :

  • Connect to , click "sign in" and enter your credentials
  • Click on "Dashboard"
  • Select "Tenant"
  • Go to line "Invitation Code" and copy the string below in the text area
  • Send the "invitation code" to the user B.

On the user B side :

  • Connect , Sign in, Go to Dahboard and select "Tenant" in the menu
  • Fill the field below "Please provide a Tenant Invitation Code to join a Tenant" with the code given by the user A, then press "Join tenant". You will see a message in your dashboard : "Your join request to Tenant ID is pending!"

On the user A side again :

  • The user B's name and e-mail will appear in the section "Invitation List". Press the "Okay" Icon (Except if you want to refuse the user's request, then hit the trash can icon) After that, you will both have access to the tenant in the same way.

The only flaw in this procedure is that the user B will also be an administrator of the Tenant. If this does not suit user A, contact us again on and we will do the necessary.