How to download products on your VM using Python functions of Jupyter ?

Python can be used to download the data. Indeed, a script is already available on the JupyterHub examples.

After connecting to the JupyterHub, go to the folder /public/wekeo-hda . There is an option that allows the user to download the JH .ipynb file as a python script .It can be done by clicking File/Export Notebook As / Export Notebook as an executable script .

Once done, the files wekeo_harmonised_data_access_api.ipynb and can be downloaded. They should be then uploaded to the VM and run.

For more information, please read the following article :

Upload the file to your VM and make sure that both files are placed in the same folder. The file wekeo_harmonised_data_access_api.ipynb should be modified as follows:

  • Lines 8 and 9: enter your username and password between the apostrophes.
  • Line 219: enter your data descriptor displayed after an HDA API search.

Executing Python3 allows to download the files very quickly.