Choose the plan that works for you

Essential (Free)

Access WEkEO data and awesome Notebooks!

  • Access a library of training materials with code examples covering a wide variety of thematic areas, datasets, and applications:
  • Store and share your code and results in
  • Standard Virtual Machines (Paid)

    Benefit the power of Virtual Machines on WEkEO Elasticity!

  • Extend the Essential plan capabilities by procuring additional computing resources on virtual machines in the cloud
  • Virtual processing environments with fast access to WEkEO data
  • Direct access to Copernicus Sentinel data
  • Access to virtual machines with GPU
  • "Pay-as-you-use” or fixed term prices
  • High Performance Virtual Machines (Paid)

    Unleash the Power of Earth Data!

  • Break compute limitations on individual virtual machines by procuring resources on a High Performance Computing (HPC) platform
  • Access to a total of 98.560 Cores and 120 NVDIA A100 Graphic Cards
  • High speed access to the EODC storage, including over 10PB of Copernicus data
  • Twelve fast 200Gbps Infiniband links for data access with very low latency
  • Direct access to Copernicus Sentinel data