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Monitoring air quality in Madrid

How good is the air we breathe every day? With Lobelia Air you can access real-time air quality information at street-level resolution.

Lobelia Air
Lobelia Air service (Credit: © Lobelia Earth 2021)


Almost 99% of the global population is exposed to dangerous levels of air pollutants according to the World Health Organization. Air pollution increases the risk of respiratory diseases, heart-related issues, and cancer. In cities, in particular, the air pollution caused by transport and residential emissions is a major public health problem.

Air quality information at your door-step

Lobelia Air is an innovative air quality monitoring system, providing high-accuracy information at a street-level resolution, using a combination of local data sources and satellite observations.

“What makes [Lobelia Air] different is that it uses state-of-the-art technology to model a domain such as the city of Madrid with a high level of detail”
David García, Deputy Head Air quality Dept. Madrid City Council

Through an engaging visualization tool, Lobelia Air also offers the possibility to explore the less-polluted areas in your surroundings and to plan routes to reduce pollution intake.

Lobelia Air is currently implemented in the city of Madrid, Barcelona and Amsterdam, but the service can be implemented and tailored to every city in the world.

Scientifically sound and transparent methodology

Lobelia Air offers 24/7 near-real-time street-level monitoring of NO2 and PM10 concentrations, with hourly data ingestion and model calibration, and up to 72-hours forecast. Soon it will also integrate PM2.5 and O3.

The algorithm is based on an open-source, scientifically validated dispersion model that processes meteorological data along with local information (e.g., traffic, population, air quality) from an official network of existing in-situ sensors or calculated using machine-learning algorithms.

Extract from WEkEO Webinar N.12 — Successful WEkEO Applications and New Business Opportunities
Lobelia Air was created by Lobelia Earth and the Royal Netherland Meteorological Institute (KNMI) to address the need for accurate local measurements of air quality and tackle the limits deriving from in-situ monitoring infrastructures, such as disperse coverage and high cost.

Key features

Street-level resolution

Explore at any point in your city how air quality is changing during the day. Data is recalibrated hourly to offer you the most precise estimations.

Based on a scientific validated methodology

Lobelia Air is developed by leading scientists in air quality using a peer-reviewed scientific methodology.

Engaging features for a healthier living

The engaging viewer enables you to explore the areas with the best air quality in your surroundings and to calculate the less polluted route through the city.

Benefits of WEkEO for Lobelia Air

Lobelia Air runs on WEkEO Dias, integrating satellite observation and meteorological data from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service in its dispersion model.

WEkEO offers the ideal hosting environment providing:

  • High performance and optimal operational time with an uptime of 99.5%
  • Flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Direct access to the data source

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