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Innovating access to marine data

Marine Analyst simplifies access to datasets and analysis tools for the marine environment.

Marine Analyst
Example of Marine Analyst interface displaying sea surface temperature


Marine Analyst was launched in 2020 with the goal to simplify how we access global marine data and analysis. The platform enables collaboration for users around the world and provides the means to address current societal and environmental issues that relate to the marine sector.

Deep dive into an ocean of datasets

Discover marine protected areas, marine litter distribution, arctic information, and eutrophication maps, as well as vessel density, bathymetry information, wind data, and much more.

“Marine Analyst is an invaluable tool for marine data analysis. It provides, for example, valid measures of marine traffic within Marine Protected Areas, which can be used as the basis for comparison between these different areas".
Eric LeGentil, Research Engineer

The innovative web-based service enables simplified access to more than 1670 datasets, from the Copernicus Marine Service, directly available through WEkEO, from EMODnet thematic portals, as well as from OSPAR, HELCOM, GEBCO, and many more sources.

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes the platform ideal for any users around the world, from scientists and researchers to policymakers, environmental NGOs and the general public.

Open resources and automatic reports

The platform also includes several free computational resources and visualization tools that enable users to perform comprehensive analyses of advanced use cases in specific areas of interest and to produce key analyses, reports and environmental indicators of marine-related topics.

All Marine Analyst scripts (Notebooks) are free to access through Github. Expert users can further tailor analyses to their needs by accessing a virtual computation environment provided by the application.

Introduction to Marine Analyst service (Credit: © Marine analysis 2022)

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Marine analyst

Key features

More than 1.670 datasets

The one-point access to a vast list of datasets helps stakeholders to knowingly plan, manage, protect and restore marine areas.

Scripts available on GitHub

Access the code repository and a free virtual environment (Binder + Jupyter Hub + Rstudio) for online execution of tailored analysis.

Personal reports for your area

Automatic generation of reports for users' area of interest for value-added analyses and environmental indicators.

Benefits of WEkEO for Marine Analyst

Marine Analyst relies on WEkEO to run its processing infrastructure and to directly access more than 1600 datasets from Copernicus Marine Service. WEkEO infrastructure provides Marine Analyst several benefits including:

  • Powerful data access with immediate availability from the sources
  • Customizable ready-to-use Virtual Machines
  • Access to processing virtual environments
  • Cost plan tailored to user needs

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