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Enabling the widespread use of satellite and in-situ ocean data

COVERAGE platform promotes and enables the widespread and integrated use and access of interagency satellite data and in-situ marine datasets.

Example of COVERAGE viewer (Credit: © Coverage 2022)


COVERAGE (CEOS Ocean Variables Enabling Research and Applications for GEO) is an initiative born to demonstrate the value of new data infrastructures to improve access across agency repositories and support ocean science and marine resource management.

Optimized access to EO and in-situ data

COVERAGE's cloud-based technology platform marshals different Earth observations and in-situ data and offers value-added services including data visualization, analytics, and analysis-ready data.

The platform provides access to curated inter-agency datasets and offers a reusable software toolkit to develop thematic data portals. The demonstration thematic pilot created, “High seas Tuna Fisheries in relation to the environment”, illustrates how combined satellite and none data can support emerging ecosystem-based approaches for fisheries management.

Minimize redundancy for optimized performance

COVERAGE hosts remote nodes within heterogeneous cloud environments, minimizing large-scale, redundant data movements and demonstrating the fusion of data across disparate computing infrastructures. COVERAGE also integration in-situ holdings at select partner national oceanographic data repositories.

Extract from WEkEO Webinar N.12 — Successful WEkEO Applications and New Business Opportunities
COVERAGE initiative is led by NASA in collaboration with EUMETSAT and other Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) agency partners.

Key features

Curated aggregation of high-quality observations

Using common gridding, with overlapping temporal series. Including inter-agency multi-parameter observations and complementing in-situ datasets.

Transparent access via the COVERAGE Thematic Portal

The portal offers interactive tools and Web service APIs for machine-to-machine access.

Consultative approach

COVERAGE is built with a user-oriented approach, involving periodic engagement of project stakeholders, collaborators, and end-users.

Benefits of WEkEO for Coverage

COVERAGE open-source software stack is hosted on WEkEO infrastructure, which enables the creation of an innovative distributed virtual cloud environment. WEkEO infrastructure is ideal for the deployment of the service as it:

  • Provides access to the most up-to-date data from the Copernicus Marine and Environmental service, directly from the source
  • Offers a flexible and dynamic infrastructure
  • Avoids duplication of infrastructure
  • Offers professional, and responsive technical support team

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