WEkEO v1: Connect Directly to Copernicus Data & Powerful Cloud Processing Tools

June 17, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the WEkEO V1 version will be available June 17th 2020 and offers a range of improvements and new functionalities.

The WEkEO V1 cloud platform provides a comprehensive portfolio of original Copernicus Programme and Sentinel satellite data (and supporting missions), with harmonised data access, cloud infrastructure and expert user support. The European Union flagship Earth observation initiative, the Copernicus Programme is in the WEkEO DNA both in terms of direct connection to data and to the Copernicus and Sentinel expertise.

With the goal to democratise, facilitate, and standardise access to Copernicus and other relevant data, the European Commission (EC) launched an initiative to develop five Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) in 2016. This initiative benefits a wide range of users including institutional bodies, the private sector, scientists, and civil society to enable them to develop their own value-added products, applications and services. WEkEO DIAS provides users with a powerful tool, including big-data analysis tools, to develop applications for their own specific needs. WEkEO DIAS has been designed by EUMETSAT, Mercator-Ocean International, and ECMWF, and implemented by industry, to provide easy access to Copernicus information and processing tools, in one centralised location, so that users can develop applications for their own specific needs.

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A feature unique to WEkEO is that it offers direct, up-to-date, unreplicated access to the entire Copernicus as well as the Sentinel portfolios. This differentiating infrastructure approach enhances the users’ connection in terms of speed, ensures that users always have the most up-to-date data, and plugs users in directly to the continually expanding offer. The range of available information is wide and includes Copernicus Progamme data from its services: Land, Climate, Marine, and Atmosphere. It includes in situ and model outputs covering the past present and future of our Earth environment. Extensive satellite data is available ranging from L1 plus processing levels such as Sentinel 1, 2, 3 as well as Copernicus contributing missions.


WEkEO is built on a distributed infrastructure connected by an ultra high-speed backbone and offers cloud-based hosted processing. It includes a broad spectrum of processing tools, including big-data tools, running on a modern infrastructure that allows users to compute and transform data for their own purposes, supporting their downstream applications. Infrastructure, platform, and software as a service are available including Jupyter Notebooks, ready-to-use virtual machines pre-configured for data access and standard tools such as SNAP, QGS and development tools for Python or R.

Harmonized Data Access

The Harmonized Data Access (HDA) API allows uniform access to the whole WEkEO catalogue, including subsetting and downloading functionalities. WEkEO's REST-based single protocol facilitates users to scale and evolve their code. It allows them to easily integrate all data sources using a virtual station, a Jupyter Notebook or an application of choice, and uses homogeneous subsetting attributes.

User Support & Federation

Focusing on excellent user experience, WEkEO User Support capitalises on institutions that are globally recognized for their long-standing experience. WEkEO is operated by a consortium of organisations with a range of expertises in Earth observation, operational services, education and training:

  • Mercator Ocean International the implementer of the Copernicus Marine Service;
  • EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) which provides data services from the Copernicus Sentinel satellites it operates (Sentinel‑3 Marine Mission, Sentinel‑4, Sentinel‑5 and Sentinel‑6);
  • and ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) the implementer of the Copernicus Atmosphere and Climate services.

WEkEO differentiates itself from other platforms by being built around the idea of federation: data federation, with new data providers being able to join; infrastructure federation, with contributions by the three partners, industrial contractors and other interested parties; and user support federation, with distributed experts in IT and EO products and services. The three partners rely on the European IT industry and the latest available technology to build and maintain WEkEO. The implementation of the cloud platform is realized by an industry consortium where the main contributors are Thales Alenia Space and CloudFerro for the infrastructure, GMV for the data processing tools and Telespazio for the webportal.

WEkEO Offer

WEkEO offers services on a free basis as well through a suite of paid advanced plans to fit the scalable needs of individuals, businesses and institutional operations:

  1. The Essential pack offers free and open access to: all Copernicus and Sentinel data, as well as Jupyter Notebooks and our User Support.
  2. The Advanced packs, includes a competitive range of pricing plans, including virtual cloud-based processing environments and tools as well as free networking (in and out). See the price list and sign up for the free package.