Private sector

WEkEO supports the private sector to develop their own projects or applications, transform Copernicus data into their own specific business and promote them.


Energy technologies are rapidly being developed to help meet the world’s energy needs and reduce its fossil fuel footprint. WEkEO provides key environmental data as inputs for such technologies, and helps optimising the risks for the implementation and the operations at energy sites.

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Transport companies, including maritime shipping companies are willing to reduce fleet navigation risks, save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. WEkEO provides key environmental data as inputs to help those companies find the safest navigation routes.

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Climate Mitigation & Insurance

Climate is changing and this has implications which threaten economies, cultures, societies and our environment. Risk management, insurance, reinsurance companies as well as development banks need to understand the impacts of environmental change to better plan for the future, develop effective mitigation and adaptation strategies. WEkEO provides key environmental data as inputs for such adaptation strategies.

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Blue Economy & Fisheries

WEkEO contributes to the Blue Economy including among others coastal management and environmental impact assessment, fishery management, water pollution and oil spill combat, cleaner ship routing, sustainable fishery management, aquaculture farm siting and fighting against harmful algae blooms.

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Air Quality

Air quality directly affects lives of most European citizens. It forms a significant risk factor for various health conditions and can also aggravate existing health conditions, such as respiratory disease. WEkEO allows understanding more about the air quality displaying in near real time air quality maps in European countries, regions and cities.

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