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May 6, 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of our User Experience survey, aimed at understanding how users interact with the WEkEO platform in order to improve our cloud computing platform and processing tools, leading to a more comprehensive and enjoyable user experience.

Survey respondents will have the opportunity to outline how they are using the platform. We are also creating a new section on our website to showcase use-cases and success stories; the survey provides users with the opportunity to have their activity featured on the WEkEO website and social media platforms.

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What's covered in the User Survey?

The WEkEO user survey aims to improve our understanding of how users interact with the platform, but also offers users the opportunity to promote their projects. WEkEO provides centralised first-hand access to data from four of the six Copernicus services and users benefit from expert support through webinars and trainings from the services themselves. WEkEO’s powerful processing tools, a distributed infrastructure connected by an ultra-highspeed backbone, and a harmonised data access API allow uniform access to the entire WEkEO database.

The user survey aims to gather feedback on the use of the following WEkEO features:

Use of the WEkEO Drive

The WEkEO drive, available in a users’ private dashboard can be used to store and share data in an efficient and collaborative manner. The amount of data being generated by WEkEO users makes cloud-based data access and storage the most efficient form of collaboration.

Use of the Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines are the ready to use applications that are available to users, customisable depending on the needs and plan of the user: users on the advanced plan will be able to access cloud processing resources through the dashboard or by using SSH access.

Use of the Jupyter Hub

JupyterHub serves as a fully customisable and scalable platform, which can be cloud-based or on individual hardware and gives users access to computational environments. It allows new users to understand how to work with WEkEO to test simple workflows for free to see how the platform can work for them.

Use of Morpheus

Morpheus is a powerful cloud management tool that provides provisioning, monitoring, logging, backups, and application deployment strategies.

Use of the WEkEO Data catalogue

The WEkEO data catalogue is the collection of data provided to users through the platform, directly from ECMWF, EUMETSAT, the European Environment Agency, and Mercator Ocean International. WEkEO is constantly developing its data offer.

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