WEkEO Online Webinar n.1 — “Copernicus applications for Renewable Energy in WEkEO”

April 7, 2022
10:30 CEST
Mercator Ocean International, the European Environment Agency, EUMETSAT & ECMWF are happy to invite you to an introduction to the WEkEO platform, the ultimate one-stop-shop for all Copernicus & Sentinel data and services, alongside cloud computing resources and tools.


“Copernicus applications for Renewable Energy in WEkEO” is the first of six new webinars during which several resources available in the WEkEO DIAS will be showcased by leading experts. Participants will learn, through representative examples, how to use Copernicus & Sentinel data to develop new applications. The WEkEO webinars have been designed to provide hands-on training to existing as well as new WEkEO users.

Recordings of these events will be available on WEkEO YouTube Channel.

Objectives of the Webinar

Webinar #1 will introduce the participants to concrete applications for Renewable Energy using the Copernicus data available in WEkEO. The event will include:

  • An introductory part on the unique features of WEkEO for the development of new applications.
  • A live demo that will showcase how to extract complex information using the data available in WEkEO.

The Webinar will be recorded and made available on the WEkEO YouTube Channel, together with other video material.

Leading Experts in Earth Observation applications and WEkEO User Support specialists will be at the disposal of the participants to facilitate the exchanges and answer questions.


Date: 7 April 2022 10h30 – 12h30 (CEST)

Part 1 (50 min + 10 min break)

  • Welcome and introductions (5 min)
  • Background of WEkEO (5 min): Copernicus, DIAS, Data catalogue/cloud storage, computing facilities, links to previous webinars etc.
  • Copernicus data and Services (5 min): a brief overview of the Copernicus products
  • EO and Renewable Energy (10 min): Overview of renewable energy products,
  • Area of interest (10 min): Background, history, current situation etc. Identifying key issues to be addressed
  • Access to data (15 min): Selection and download of layers from WEkEO and other sources

Part 2 (60 min)

  • Visualising in QGIS (15 min)
  • Analysis in QGIS (15 min)
  • Conclusions (15 min)
  • Q&A (20 min)