WEkEO Online Training Workshop — Focus on Marine Data Products

July 15, 2020
10:30 CEST
Mercator Océan International, EUMETSAT & ECMWF are happy to introduce you to the Copernicus WEkEO platform, providing all Copernicus and Sentinel data, including the Copernicus Marine portfolio, alongside cloud computing resources and tools. Discover WEkEO during the first Online Training Workshop focusing on marine data on July 15, 2020 at 10:30 am UTC+2.


The online WEkEO Training sessions have been designed to train existing as well as new WEkEO users. The audience will learn about the use of the original Copernicus and Satellite data through the WEkEO cloud computing platform and their possible applications. Gaining knowledge during the workshop will enable the audience to interact and share its experience and express needs and requirements for new products and tools to be included in the WEkEO portfolio in future.

Objectives of the workshop

The workshop aims to bring together experts and users of Earth Observation products. It will consist of a mixture of plenary expert talks, round table discussions and hands-on practical exercises to explore the WEkEO platform. The target audience is mainly beginners and new users.

WEkEO training timeline

The WEkEO training workshop focused on Marine data products will be conducted online comprising 3 rounds with an interval of 2 weeks in-between for practical homework (Round 2).

At the end of the webinars’ session, participants will access specific online materials like the recording of the webinars, practical sessions (Jupiter Notebooks) created specifically for the workshop and associated tutorial videos. A chat/forum platform will also be at the disposal of the participants to facilitate the exchanges, ask questions and share the best practices. During this period, the participants will have the opportunity to practice themselves with the material provided.

During the online debriefing session (Round 3), experts and trainers will review the questions asked on the chat platform during the practical session.

> Watch the Webinar session

> Access the Jupyter tutorial video playlist

The WEkEO Training debriefing session, initially scheduled on 29 July, has been postponed to 26 August 2020. Click on the following image to register to the debriefing session — WEkEO online training - 26 August 2020 - 10:30 UTC+2

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