v0.1.0 (30/11/2018)

Breaking changes:

1. Update the HDA Broker endpoint to 0.1.0: https://apis.wekeo.eu/databroker/0.1.0

2. Update the Terms and Conditions endpoint to 0.1.0: https://apis.wekeo.eu/dcsi-tac/0.1.0/termsaccepted/Copernicus_General_License

3. Use the new default API key (find it in your Jupyter Notebook sample)

4. When a job completes, the /datarequest/status/{jobId} endpoint no longer returns an array of URLs in the results field of the response, but rather a number of results (resultNumber):

  // ...

To obtain the list of URLs, send a request to /datarequest/jobs/{jobId}/result?page=1&size=5 to get a particular page of result URLs (2nd page, pages of 5 elements each).

5. Download URLs are now of the form: /datarequest/result/{jobId}?externalUri={externalUri}&access_token={accessToken} (where externalUri is obtained from /datarequest/jobs/{jobId}/result (see above).



Initial release