How do I search for datasets?


Click on the "Datasets" tab of the WEkEO portal. What data are you looking for? Enter free text and make a simple search.




Alternatively, you can perform an extended search and select pre-defined query parameters like Satellite, Originating Centre, etc. Let's assume you are searching for ERA5 hourly datasets. The following figure shows the results for the search term 'era5'. 


Extended Search


Clicking on the specific result in the result set shows more details of that dataset. The details include Description, Distribution channels, Data originator details, Collection ID etc. The figure below shows some of the details of the dataset on pressure levels for ERA5.

Extended Search



How do I access data?


To query and access data for a dataset, you can click on "DIAS Search and Online Data Access" under "Access" section. The portal shows either:

  1. the WEkEO login page asking the user to enter credentials (if the user has not logged in already) or 
  2. the dataset query definition page (if the user is already logged into the portal)

The dataset query definition page is shown below. The query parameters shown on this page depends on the collection being queried. The figure below shows a snippet of the dataset  query definition page for the collection "ERA5 hourly data on pressure levels"


ERA5 parameters


Values for the search query parameters can be selected and you can submit the query (assuming you have accepted the Terms and conditions of the dataset collection). Also before submitting the query, you have a chance to view the JSON payload that will be sent to the server. This request payload in JSON format can be used also with the HDA API as part of querying dataset. 


ERA5 example


Once the query is submitted, the portal returns a job identifier. When the job finishes successfully, one or more results are shown (see figure below). The results are link to the data which you can download by simply clicking them.



There is the option to view the previous jobs (history) and can also download the data of the previously submitted job. The job history shows the download links as well.

Download History


Finally you can view the Dataset Terms & Conditions that you have accepted in the portal by clicking "Additional Information"

Additional info