Unzip files

In case you would like to unzip a compressed file, we suggest that you unzip it on a path where S3 Filesystem is not utilized. The two possible paths are /home/jovyan and /tmp/. This is because unzip is an IO-intensive operation, and it would take much shorter this process.

A step-by-step example is shown below on how to unzip.

First, a terminal tab should be opened, and one will need to change direction using cd command to the location of the zip file.

(base) jovyan@jupyter-<your-username>:/home/<your-username>$ cd <desired-path>

Then, the zip file is moved to one of the possible paths (/home/jovyan and /tmp/):

(base) jovyan@jupyter-<your-username>:/home/<your-username>/<desired-path>$ mv <zip-file> /tmp/

As done before, now one should change the directory to the temporary folder:

(base) jovyan@jupyter-<your-username>:/home/<your-username>$ cd /tmp/

The zip file can be extracted in the following way:

(base) jovyan@jupyter-<your-username>:/tmp$ unzip <zip-file>

Finally, the uncompressed folder can be moved again back to the previous path.

(base) jovyan@jupyter-<your-username>:/tmp$ mv <uncompressed-folder> /home/<your-username>/<desired-path>