This a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that have been previously asked by WEkEO users. These FAQs also contain useful information for potential users of WEkEO.



A1. Which Copernicus datasets are currently available in the WEkEO catalogue?

CMEMS (Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service), Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and CAMS (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service), C3S (Copernicus Climate Change Service). The datasets available can be searched at https://www.wekeo.eu/dataset-navigator/start.


A2. How can I download data on WEkEO?

Data can be downloaded from https://www.wekeo.eu/dataset-navigator/startWEkEO offers a Harmonized Data Access (HDA) API to access data programmatically. The API keys of the HDA API can be found under https://www.wekeo.eu/api-keys .

The data access can be remote or on the WEkEO services:


A3. What are the cloud-based processing & tools that I can request on WEkEO?

The processing resources are only included in the advanced offer package. Visit https://www.wekeo.eu/offer for more information.

Pilot users interested on working with Copernicus data can request and use processing resources on the WEkEO cloud. These processing resources are virtual machines (instances) that are hosted in a tenant, i.e., a space on the WEkEO cloud.


A4. What operating systems (OS) are available for the WEkEO virtual machines (VMs)?

The operating systems currently available are: CentOS (Linux) and Ubuntu (Linux). You can contact WEkEO Support at https://www.wekeo.eu/contact for further information regarding the OS (e.g. version of the OS available).





B1. I am trying to download data from WEkEO Dataset Navigator and I obtain the following message: “The dataset cannot be queried”.

Make sure that your are logged in. Further, you might not be able to download data due to a server problem (either at WEkEO or at the data provider). We recommend you try to download the data again, later. Finally, if the issue persist, please contact WEkEO Support at https://www.wekeo.eu/contact.


B2. I receive a timeout when I try to use the Harmonized Data Access API.

This can happen sometimes. If you find it frequently in the datasets that you are using, we suggest that you implement a retry mechanism in your code.


B3. Is it possible to open a port in a virtual machine (VM) on WEkEO?

By default, open ports are 22, 80 and 443. In case you would be interested to open an additional port, you can contact WEkEO Support at https://www.wekeo.eu/contact.  





C1. What is the cost of downloading data from WEkEO?

The Copernicus data can be downloaded for free from WEkEO. You can read question A1 to know which datasets are available.


C2. What is the pricing of the advanced offer?

Pilot users can request and use processing resources (virtual machines) on the WEkEO cloud for free, during a limited time. The WEkEO tenants can be accessed free of charges until the first fully operational release of WEkEO will be available (October 2019). The information regarding pricing will be published prior to that.